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Confused with the choices for DISH TV equipments? There is no need to worry. When you place an order for your DISH satellite TV connection from OrderSatelliteNow and select a configuration from available options, our systems wizard will mechanically selects the right receivers for the given configuration. Please note that the choices that you put on the order form need not be final. An expert or representative will be there to assist you, and they will make sure that you get the necessary equipment for your individual selection. With DISH TV, you can choose one of the following

Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR Receiver Joey (work in conjunction with a Hopper)

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DISH DVR Receivers

DISH provides the latest DVR receivers and different types of digital programming at very competitive prices. The DVR systems come with modern conveniences that let you watch what you want when you want it.

Whole-Home DVR Receivers
DISH brings you it’s best DVR ever – Hopper HD Whole-Home DVR that allows you to records up to 4 live HD programming (a total of 6 shows) at the same time and access the DVR recording from anywhere. It’s amazing features include – Primetime Anytime™, commercial free TV and up to 2000 hours of recording. What’s more? With Hopper, you can also watch your recorded programs on a portable screen media.


Enhanced DuoDVR: Dual Tuner DVR Receiver
It is a hi-tech dual tuner receiver. It also has an integrated DVR system. The enhanced DuoDVR's dual tuners and the two TV output gives it a feature to record 2 shows at the same time.

High Definition Receivers

A combination of HDTV and DVR is the latest offering from DISH. These receivers come with the latest high definition and DVR technology. The HD and HD DVR receivers provide awesome digital entertainment and have some of the best high-tech features.


Enhanced HD DuoDVR Receiver: Dual Tuner DVR and HD Receiver
This HDTV and SDTV DVR receiver will expand storage capacity as it is added with an additional hard drive.


HD DuoDVR Receiver: Dual Tuner DVR and HD Receiver
The HD DuoDVR provides high definition as well as SD tuners and DVR capability. You can connect it to two TV sets. This receiver gives you the facility of recording HD programming. Through this, you can enjoy the full range of DVR features.


HD Duo Receiver: HDTV Receiver
There are 2 built in DISH receivers that let you view both HDTV and standard definition TV.


HD Solo Receiver: HDTV Receiver
This is one of the latest offerings from DISH. It has high definition TV receiver with off-air tuner to receive both high and standard definition programs.

Standard Receivers:

The quality systems of DISH offer some of the newest digital receivers as well as a wide range of digital programming at a jaw dropping price. Being standard the systems provide amazing digital entertainment.


Duo: Standard Receiver
This comes with two tuners for satellite TV viewing independently on two TV sets. All these come in slim chassis design.


Solo: Standard Receiver
It is one of the best offerings of DISH with entry-level satellite receiver and is rich with features. It also comes with a slim design.